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Good Search Engine Optimization isn’t Sexy – But It’s Essential

Remember those thick yellow directories that would be delivered to your door every month? Neither do we. Since most people go online to look for businesses and services, one of our goals is to make your site top of the list in results. To do that, we build your site using dental search engine optimization.

Imagine your website is an actual location. The metro would be search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), the train tracks. Our job is to create a bunch of quick and stable routes to arrive at your website. We focus first on the broader strategy, and then we hone in on things like URL, titles, meta tags, header tags, content, interlinking, SEO friendly coding, along with other offsite optimization efforts.

At Wonderist Dental Marketing, we show you the results. You’ll see the increase in new patient leads we’ve made, along with the percentage of increased traffic to your site. And you said you hated traffic.

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